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Lilicloth Reviews

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Lilicloth is one of the clothing stores that help you purchase trendy garments for any season and from any location.  From tops and hoodies to accessories, everything is available in the store. Lilicloth has already gained a large customer base. Thus, we think that it is worth reviewing the store for new shoppers. 

 We have gathered information from different sources to write a comprehensive review of the brand. Keep reading to know more!

About Lilicloth

Lilicloth is a USA-based graphic clothing online brand operating its business in more than 40 countries. Beauty regardless of age- is the philosophy of Lilicloth. They have a mission of providing quality products to their customers. As the company has a dedicated team, it is successful in making its shipping network bigger. You can find a variety of clothing and fashion accessories

What are the Customer’s Reactions About Lilicloth?

Lilicloth has displayed some customer testimonials on its website. In most cases, Lilicloth has received 5-star ratings. Customers have praised the quality of the products and agreedthat they are comfortable to wear.

Is Lilicloth Legit?

Like any other company, Lilicloth has received both positive and negative reviews. But, these negative reviews never denote that Lilicloth is illegitimate

From the overall analysis of the clothing brand, we can say that Lilicloth is reliable. Lots of customers have trusted it to buy their stylish clothing and accessories. Moreover, they have felt thankful for the good graphic quality and vibrant color.

We have noticed a few negative comments from customers. One customer has claimed that the Lilicloth app is ‘unfriendly.’ The app is not intuitive for those who like to send a return request to replace the product. Thus, we think that it is better to use the website to buy your clothes. Out of 5, Lilicloth has scored 4 from Trustpilot users and has more than 2400 reviews from customers.

Lilicloth reviews on trustpilot

Lilicloth’s customers have also left reviews on the Sitejabber platform. At Sitejabber, Lilicloth has obtained a slightly higher score (4.5). Sitejabber has more than 30000 Lilicloth reviews from customers. 

sitejabber reviews for lilicloth

We have identified how customers have responded to the clothing brand. About 84% of the customer reviews are positive. Customers mostly have claimed user-friendly shopping at the platform. 

  • Trendy items at a low price
  • Reviews are published on the website.
  • Variety discounts
  • Offers clothing and accessories
  • No social media accounts
  • Strict refund policies

Lilicloth Product Reviews

  • Lilicloth- Buy graphic clothing 

It is a trend of wearing tops and other garments with graphic images. T-shirts are available with a printed message showing funny words.

There are also themed t-shirts. For instance, Harry Potter and Halloween t-shirts have become highly popular among customers.

  • Women’s tops review

Lilicloth sells high-quality tops with a cotton blend that ensures a high level of comfort. Crew Neck, V-neck, and several other necklines are available with the tops.

Chubby women can confidently search for stylish clothes from Lilicloth. There is a good collection of plus-size clothing on this platform.

  • Women’s winter clothes review

We have found a range of premium quality sweatshirts. Cardigans and other sweatshirts are made of high-stretch fabric. The casual-looking cardigans with V-neck and round neck can make a woman stylish. Some cardigans are made of polyamide, wool, and other quality fabrics. You can transform your winter fashion by wearing these sweatshirts.

  • Lilicloth Men’s clothing review

T-shirts, shirts, bottoms, and sweatshirts- everything is available at Lilicloth. In most t-shirts, you can find symbols, numbering, words, and other prints. The lightweight t-shirts with cotton blends have a vintage style to attract any man. Printed shirts with Santa Claus prints are best as Christmas outfits. Polyester shirts are available in both long-sleeve and short-sleeve designs. The collection also includes stretchy jogger pants.

  • Lilicloth accessories review

On both formal and informal occasions, you like to use accessories with your clothing. You do not need to move to a different platform to purchase your accessories. Lilicloth has a range of accessories to let you create the style statement. From vintage bracelets to earrings and multipurpose bags, everything is available for you. There are also scarves and gloves as your winter clothes.

Lilicloth- Products Available on Sale

Lilicloth has gained the attention of several customers with its year-round sale. Shoppers always look for products with discounts. What we like most is the dedicated tab on the website to display the products on sale. Customers can easily navigate the website and purchase discounted products. 

The discount rate can range from 20% to more than 80%. Thus, shoppers can save some money on every deal. Moreover, the coupon code LLC10 is intended for new customers who have signed up with the shopping platform. They can enjoy a 10% discount on their first orders.

Lilicloth Survey- The Biggest Opportunity to Get Discounts

Who does not like to buy products at a discounted rate? At Lilicloth, it is now easy to grab an attractive discount.


Go to the section- Lilicloth Survey. You have to fill out a questionnaire and get a 30% discount voucher on your deal

Find Out More About!

  • Return policy

No clothing brand can claim that its products are 100% flawless. It is also true for Lilicloth. Therefore, Lilicloth has established some return policies for its customers. However, underwear, swimwear, and Final Sale items cannot be returned.

Lilicloth accepts only unused products without any damage. They must be in their original packaging. Moreover, customers have to show proof of purchase to process the return request.

The cancellation request is acceptable before shipping the product. In case of cancellation, Lilicloth makes a 100% refund.

Lilicloth’s team will inspect your product and send you an email notification in case of your refund request. You will learn about rejection and approval by checking the email. After successful processing of the refund, Lilicloth will credit the amount to your account. 

Lilicloth is highly concerned about those who have not received the refund. It has claimed customers can contact the team at while the money is not refunded.

  • Shipping and Delivery Time

According to customer review, Lilicloth has not delayed in delivering the products. But, the chosen destination and the preparation of the items can make a difference in the delivery time. While checking the official website, we have found how Lilicloth has calculated shipping fees. 

Its team calculates the shipping fees based on the destination and package weight. But, there is good news for customers who make a deal of above US $99. It is not applicable for clearance products.

The processing time ranges from 3 to 5 days. The overall shipping time is about 12 to 15 days. The processing time is different for every item. The product package clearly shows the processing time.

  • Payment Methods

We cannot overlook this factor, as customers are always concerned about the availability of a suitable payment mode.

Lilicloth has taken a considerate step by presenting multiple payment modes for shoppers. As it is an international brand, its payment modes are globally acceptable. However, Lilicloth will not retain your bank details and credit card information.

At Lilicloth, you can securely make PayPal payments using your debit card, credit card, and bank account. 

Another mode of payment is a credit card. You may choose Afterpay for paying with your credit card. You can pay the amount for more than 4 installments. There is no need to pay an additional fee for the instant payment. 

Show Now. Pay Later- Lilicloth has given this advantage to its customers. That is why it has chosen Klarna as the payment mode. You can make interest-free payment installments. Pay the amount over 2 weeks. Thus, you will have no financial stress while shopping for something from Lilicloth. However, only customers from the US can use this payment mode.

Conclusion of 

We have genuinely reviewed the clothing brand– Lilicloth. The number of positive reviews has surpassed the negative reviews. According to the customer feedback, the site is trustworthy. We have tried to find information from multiple sources to ensure a comprehensive review of the clothing store. The customer service is good at Lilicloth. However, one drawback is that there is no live chat and phone number displayed on the website. You have to send an email with your query. Overall, you can buy products from Lilicloth’s store and find the reliability of the platform.

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