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Jing clothing Reviews

Gone are those days when clothes were merely a life necessity. They have instead become iconic symbols for fashion-conscious women. As a high-end brand, J.ING has acknowledged this fact, attracting a women majority. What makes J.ING distinctive is its vivid prints, fascinating embellishments, and high-quality fabric, radiating feminist energy. With more than 390K passionate Instagram followers, J.ING has become one of the top authentic brands in the clothing industry.
Since we aim to maintain our reliability, we have analyzed what our customers said about their experience with us. You may want to look at J.ING clothing reviews before making your purchase.

Overview of J.ING

Established in 2017, J.ING is the brainchild of Jing Zeng. Despite being more recent than other fashion brands, this Asian-owned company has a significant market share. The company’s mission is to provide clothing of the highest quality and fashionable designs in a continuous effort to assist everyone in making a fashion statement, regardless of body shape or skin tone.
J.ING is the creation of a group of fashion enthusiasts who are always up to date on the newest trends.

At J.ING, the designers’ team constantly strives to ensure that no one looks dull and uninspired. From tops to bottoms, all on a single platform at your ease. With positive customer feedback, J.ING has remarkably enhanced its quality products.

Pros & Cons

  • Live chat option
  • Not obligatory to create an account before making a purchase
  • Discounts throughout the year
  • High-quality garment
  • Delay in delivery according to some customers

JING Clothing Review

As the company’s core focus, women’s interests and preferences are met by regularly updating the inventory to guarantee that they discover the ideal clothing for each season. Go through the J.ING clothing reviews to learn how the company can meet your needs.

Leggings at

Trendy leggings are must-haves in the wardrobe collection of a woman. Fashionable leggings of solid colors can make you feel comfortable on summer days. You can pair the J.ING leggings with jackets, crop tops, and lace-up sneakers. There are also workout leggings with side panels and foldable V-shape designs. These yoga leggings do not restrict your leg movement, and the elasticated waistbands of leggings endure a long time.

Moreover, high-waist sweatpants in J.ING’s collection are also the popular casual wear best for your workout session. The loose-fit bottoms are perfect for both outdoor and indoor uses.

J.ING woolen clothing review

Women never like to compromise their winter wear fashion, and that’s why J.ING has presented them with a range of stunning woolen clothes. Women can choose from a formal-style white full-sleeved sweater to a vivid pinkish breast. Finely knitted woolen sweaters may be worn with practically any modern clothing. The most popular winter outfits include button-up cardigans, woolen leggings, lapel collar jackets, trench coats, and belted cardigans. Made of premium wool and other quality fabrics, They come in various necklines to keep you warm in the chilly weather. Moreover, these elegant winter clothes Come in both oversized and tight-fitting styles.

J.ING coats and jackets

J.ING has become the best destination for women who like to add coats and jackets to their wardrobes.
Evergreen and elegant denim jackets from J.ING create a unique statement. The classic jackets can easily pair with crisp white shirts and tank tops.

The big collection also includes bold, black leather jackets. Designed with high-quality leather, these women’s jackets reflect the flawless quality and unparalleled aesthetics. There are also trench coats, which look perfect with boots. These trench coats can be your best choice if you don’t want to catch a cold on chilly winter days.

To have a gorgeous look, bomber jackets with gorgeous prints are the favorites of several young women. When it is a mild winter day, and you do not like to put on heavy jackets, these bomber jackets will be the right alternatives. Create a dazzling winter look by pairing your jackets and coats with jeans and t-shirts.

J.ING knitwear for women

The cozy knitwear collection at J.ING includes everything from knitted jackets to polo shirts. Knitwear is available in neutral shades and patterns, including brown check and soft creamy cashmere. The snugly fit, stylish knitwear has highly elegant details. You can find on-trend knitwear like peppy high-necks, high-low cardigans, and comfy knitted pullovers. You will get lightweight knitwear at a discounted rate.

Couples’ clothing

Couples like to wear matching hoodies, tops, sweaters, and other apparel. That is why you can find a separate menu of couples’ clothing. There is no lack of style in winter wear for couples. For instance, to buy anniversary gifts for your dear one, you can choose a pair of zebra stripe sweaters. You may also purchase a single piece of a distressed black sweater, as it has a gender-neutral design. Moreover, a black plaid shirt is another stylish option for young couples.

J.ING accessories

At J.ING, you will get something more than clothes. Its collection includes several fashion accessories that you can pair with your clothes.
Bags- Fluffy tassel bags of different colors can be the best accessories to get ready for a party.

  • Earrings- Drop earrings of silver and golden tones are shining pieces to make your look glamorous.
  • Beanies- Light-colored beanies are the cutest options for women.
  • Scarf- A scarf is not simply winterwear but also a fashion accessory.
  • Socks- Beautifully printed socks can keep your feet warm and make you feel cozy.

Gift cards at 

Savings and style go hand-in-hand at J.ING. Several buyers have expressed interest in this brand’s cheap gift cards. It is safe to purchase gift cards when you are unaware of your loved ones’ preferences and choices.

  • An apparel e-gift card allows your loved ones to pick their clothes for any occasion.
  • The value of a gift card ranges from $165 to $1000.

Flash sale and outlet sale- Save more at

Affluent brand-conscious buyers never want to miss out on a good offer. J.ING attracts a large number of customers during the 48-hour flash sale. You can find a chance of obtaining discounts of up to 50%. The discount offer is available for a limited period. J.ING, on the other hand, has monthly flash deals, which saves you a good amount of money!
High-waist shorts, drop shoulder jackets, blue mini dresses, and several other outfits have 50% off. Some items like a sweatshirt and bodycon mini dress are available with more than 60% discount. Moreover, you will have a special Black Friday Sale and Christmas Sale to bring you a smile on special occasions.

Special discounts for students

Students who purchase J.ING items will receive a 15% discount throughout the year. They must, however, join Student Beans to verify their student status. There are no fees associated with joining Student Beans.

Insider Loyalty Program

J.ING has a special program for loyal customers. After successful registration with the site, you will become an Insider and earn 50 points. With every transaction, you will earn some points. As a Loyal member, you can earn points during special promotions.

You will also receive 50 points for referring friends. J.ING also offers 10 points for following its Twitter and Instagram accounts.

While purchasing J.ING items, Insider Members receive various additional perks. They will be able to take advantage of the $6.99 shipping discount. For Elite members, the shipping discount is $3.99. Free delivery with a minimum purchase of USD 79 for standard shipping. Free shipping options are available for VIP Members, With no minimum order limit.

Payment methods at J.ING

J.ING accepts multiple transaction modes, including Visa, Credit Card, Debit Card, MasterCard, PayPal, and Discover. It is completely safe to process credit and debit card information.

Return and refund policies at J.ING

Not all J.ING products may be returned for a refund. For instance, the company does not accept return requests for bras and panties. Moreover, products marked as Final Sale are non-refundable. Washed, used, and soiled clothes cannot be returned. When returning an item, the original tag must be present. Other items that you cannot return are jewelry and accessories.

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J.ING clothing reviews- Learn about customers’ views

To write J.ING clothing reviews, we have analyzed customers’ comments on this brand. 60% of J.ING customer reviews at Trustpilot reveal positive aspects of the brand. Customers have stated that, unlike other sites, J.ING has not created any concerns with shipment or quality.

Loyal customers have said they buy apparel and accessories from J.ING in different seasons. They have, however, recommended shoppers check the size before purchasing any goods.

J.ING customers have also said that apparel quality lives up to the price tag. They have enjoyed the big discounts on different items of the clothing brand.


Is J.ING true to size?

According to genuine customers, J.ING has maintained the accurate sizing of its clothes. Potential buyers need to check the size chart of tops, shirts, skirts, and pants. Although some customers like to choose one size up, it is better to stick to the desired size.

Is J.ING US sustainable?

The company is dedicated to low-impact production and highly committed to maintaining sustainability in every garment. Moreover, J.ING mention that they use recycled plastic to design fashionable bags.
Some reviews, however, claim that it is a fast fashion brand and believe that many of its items are made and shipped from China.

Is J.ING reliable?

We have found that J.ING is a reliable clothing brand from customer testimonials on different platforms. There have been no reports of scam cases. You will not be frustrated at J.ING’s service standard and product quality.

Is J.ING a Chinese company?

The clothing brand was founded by a Chinese lady, Jig Zeng. However, at the age of 16, Jing went to Canada to pursue a business management course and open a company. With her consistent effort and a real passion for learning women’s fashion trends, she made the business successful.

Does J.ING receive international orders?

Yes. You can place your order at J.ING for international shipping. The company charges USD 9.99 for shipping products to North America and Oceania and USD 6.99 for Europe and Asia. Free shipping applies for orders over USD 199/ $99USD, depending on the region. The company does not accept return requests for international orders.

Final verdict

J.ING is a reliable clothing brand with fashionable winter and summer outfits for women. The extensive collection also includes unique clothes for specific occasions such as Christmas. As J.ING offers excellent deals all year, it was able to delight many clients.

Morzan Hossain
Morzan Hossain
She is a full-time computer science student and chef writer of, but she is more addicted to fashion and shopping from all over the world. She has many experienced with online shopping and trending fashion so on. BRHQ is the only platform to help others buy something online, and I hope you will get some authentic resources.
Morzan Hossain
Morzan Hossain
She is a full-time computer science student and chef writer of, but she is more addicted to fashion and shopping from all over the world. She has many experienced with online shopping and trending fashion so on. BRHQ is the only platform to help others buy something online, and I hope you will get some authentic resources.

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