Fashion Nova Vs Shein Which is Better ( Legit, Reviews, Followers And Comparison Table)

fashion nova vs shein

A brief history of Fashion Nova and Shein Brands

  • Shein company

Shein is one of the common fast-fashion retailers across the globe. The company is known to be selling its products online only. The company was founded in 2008 by Chris Xu in Nanjing in the republic of china. The company is known to provide its products at cheaper prices produced directly in china. Shein is currently known as an international B2C fast-fashion retailer. The company is mainly focused on women’s clothing, but also it provides men’s apparel, clothes for children, different accessories, different categories of shoes, homewares, and other items. The main targets for this company are Europe, America, the middle east, Australia, and other customer markets. In 2020 the company was the most talked about brand in TikTok and YouTube and fourth-placed on Instagram in terms of ranking. The brand currently serves more than 220 nations globally.

Tips on buying from Shein company

When you review people concerning getting products from the company, it becomes easy to understand the process undertaken and know what customers think about it. The company’s clothing looks perfect on the models they are made of. This means that you can make a better model when you see an actual customer on the identical product you need to get from the brand. It is essential to double-check the sizing measurement of every item you order from this company. When you see a product listed in standard XS-XL does not mean that you will be of regular size, you need to know measurements to ensure you get the right product that is in line with the size you are required. Always look for the company’s coupon code to decrease the cost of the product you order. The company provides some discounts often, and you can get them on their website. Shopping from this company is essential since you get the opportunity to see new designs that can make you get the best product from the company.

Is Shein legit?

The short answer to this question in the mind of many people is yes. Still, some of their practices can make you feel suspicious, like if you read their policy return, you have to pay first the pocket on global return, but for the customers from the USA, they get free shipping within the 45 days after buying for the first time.

How long do products take to be shipped?

According to the information given on the company website, when you have ordered, the product will take 1-3 days to be processed, and shipping starts after those days. Due to the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world, many people who have ordered the product from the company, even those paid for expressway, take almost one month to reach the USA. Such situations have affected the shipping process, but before the pandemic, the shipping was first, and the customer used to get their products within the right time after paying for their products.

Is Shein good?

Yes. This will depend on whom you have asked the question since different people have different perspectives concerning the company. The quality of the clothes made by this company is good, but it is not good to compare them with premium retailers worldwide. There is a great success with the products from the company. For a new customer, it is essential to stick to that product that has many customer reviews.

Is Shein reliable?

Currently, the company is 70 percent reliable, in my opinion. This is because, in the few years, you can exactly get the number of days your product will take to be shipped to your doorstep, but now it is hard to understand how long it will take, but we hope things will change in the few days to come to return where it used to be before the pandemic come.

Does Shein company run small?

Yes. Some items from the company run small. To get the best fitting for the product they order from the company, they must size up. Checking the product dimensions is essential since these products change from one to another, and seeing the customers’ reviews will help you get the right product you need.

  • Fashion Nova Company

The brand is an American fast fashion retail organization. The company was started in 2006 by CEO Richard Saghian. The company opened its first shop in Panorama city. It launched its electronic website for the selling of its products in 2013. The brand started the curve collection in 2016. In 2018 the company began increasing its sales by selling its fashion nova men’s line, outing the Shein company. The company operates online and contains five brick-and-mortar locations.

Strategies used by Fashion Nova to be successful

The first is “One thing strategy.” This involves focusing on one thing at a time. The strategy involved in this case is focusing on distribution channels like investing more on Instagram to sell their products in different parts of the world. The second strategy is focusing on one goal at a time; if they discover something working well in the business, they stay true to it and keep doing it better. The use of an influencer marketing pyramid has contributed to the success of this business. Having close partnerships with big influencers and avoidance of over-price of products is avoided in this business.

Is Fashion Nova Legit?

Yes. The company is a legit website selling its products across the world. Still, their user reputations are not excellent. They can make one suspicious of buying from this company precise on things like protection of the environment of clothing fabrics and the process of transportation. The company is known to provide most of their products at a lower price, but when you browse their website, you may find that their prices are not such low as the promotion, thus making one suspicious. If you need to get high-quality clothes from the company at lower prices, it is essential to visit FashionTIY for the most recommended fashions.

How Long does Fashion Nova Take to Ship?

Processing the order for the shipment is another time that is separate from that the product will take from the stores to the customer destination. Depending on different factors, domestic and international orders usually take 1-4 days to be processed, and then shipping starts. Standard orders take days to be processed, and express orders take three days to be processed after verification of your payment. Rush orders can take up to one day to be processed. These are estimates which do not involve weekend days—shipping options provided by fashion nova company. For the case of domestic shipping, the company offers standard shipping, rush shipping, and express shipping. In the case of international shipping, the company offers shipping to Canada, the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world.

Description Fashion NovaShein
Marketing StrategyIn the case of fashion nova, the customers have been considered to be fashion enthusiasts. This is because there are crazy products that involve ripped jeans and skimpy clothes. Fashion bloggers use this to earn from the brand. One of the best ways to get many customers for these two brands is by giving discount codes and referral packages. Fashion Nova has moved a step ahead of Shein by producing body-fitted cloth. This makes women proud of their body shape regardless of their body size and shape. Fashion nova, therefore, ensures perfection in terms of dresses they produce for their customers compared to the Shein brand.For the case of Shein company, the brand is more prevalent on TikTok than on its Instagram account. Therefore, Shein's marketing strategy is giving discount codes and coupons to its followers in TikTok. The extended sizes have assisted GenZ in their styles and the right outfits.
GrowthUnlike Shein company, fashion nova uses Instagram more in selling its products since the company is considered to have built its image through Instagram. The brand aims to bring back the beauties through the runways products. The company believes that it will restore what was lost through Instagram.

Fashion nova's strategy is the use of the internet and influencers. The influencer promotes the business by advertising the company's product and getting followers. The brand also uses brand ambassadors to endorse to boost its products' sales.
The companies headquarter is in China, but it is known to have large markets across the world, and its primary delivery is in the united states of America. After the pandemic silence, the brand becomes more common than Amazon. This assisted the brand in increasing its level of revenue compared to the previous years where amazon was the popular company. Many online platforms announced that the brand was the leading company in online selling across the world. The brand is increasing its production volume since over 1000 styles are added to its website every day, but in the case of fashion nova, the same ratio rate happens every week. The brand aims to produce quantity products at an affordable price. Most brands' websites provide various outfits, accessories, and shoes as low as $30. However, providing low prices for its product does not make it grow.

Shein company is known to have made different celebrity endorsements across the world. Considering the reviews from different sources, it shows that the brand has made its revenues more through the word of mouth advertisements. When one buys the product from the brand, they tend to tell their friends about their love for the brand, which makes the friend go for products from the brand. The Shein company is known to attract many customers from the west. The brand uses referrals by commissioning places where the population is less. According to the research done, around 14 percent of the traffic created by Shein company in 2014 was due to influencers' recommendations. This assists the market sale.
CriticismThe publication of unfavorable working conditions of the workers in this brand in 2019 was considered a complaint even though the company replied that it pays its workers well. There was also criticism concerning the kid's clothing line, which was unpleasant for some parents.Most people worldwide consider Shein company not being transparent on their production source. However, the brand usually makes announcements that do not support child labor. The Reddit users complained that some of its products were photoshopped. Some products from the company are considered inappropriate portray like the Muslim prayer mat. Some of its customers from the west raised their concern when the company produced jewelry with a Buddhist Swastika design since they considered it associated with the Nazi Swastika sign. Another complaint is on their website and application which they consider some advertisements, not of any importance.
Refund policyThe refund modes are the same as those of the Shein brand. The refund will happen through the same account you used to pay for the product. There are no shipping fees involved but only the amount incurred in buying the product.The brand's policy states that e refund is considered right if the product's return to the company is below 45 days after purchasing the products. If it is the first time you have ordered a product from the brand, then shipping charges are not included.
ProsThey produce nice and cute clothes.
The company also has lovely styles of clothes.
There are cheap products and cute clothing.
ConsThere are bad customer services, less contact support is given, and the inability to deliver as promised.There is poor customer service, and one cannot contact customer service.
Consumer ratingsIt is ranked 579 of the footwear and clothing, 459 in customer services, 481 in delivery services, 427 in exchange, refund, and canceling rule, and 413 in website out of 2565 in the category.
It is ranked 227 in footwear and clothing, 367 in customer service, 391 in delivery service, 299 in exchange, refund, and canceling rule, and 342 in website out of 2565 in the category.
Company OverviewIt has total reviews of 14747, company responses of the brand are zero, and issues resolved is 73.Total reviews are 20273; company responses are 7260, and issues resolved are 122.
PricesDresses: $6-$153.50; jeans: $6.98; shoes: $2.98-$11.99; lingerie and loungewear: $0.98-$55.99Clothing ranges from $1 to $154; dresses: $2-$133; lingerie and loungewear: $1-$79; shoes: $0.75-$89.99; tops: $3-$104.99; new in trends: $8-$120.

Final Verdict of Fashion Nova Vs Shein

Based on our research and explanation, you can come up with your analysis of which is the best for you to buy and shop. Every brand has its own uniqueness and weakness, and you should think and research before shopping anything online and see which is best based on your situation and location.
Happy Shopping! You can contact us for any further information or discussion.

Morzan Hossain
Morzan Hossain
She is a full-time computer science student and chef writer of, but she is more addicted to fashion and shopping from all over the world. She has many experienced with online shopping and trending fashion so on. BRHQ is the only platform to help others buy something online, and I hope you will get some authentic resources.
Morzan Hossain
Morzan Hossain
She is a full-time computer science student and chef writer of, but she is more addicted to fashion and shopping from all over the world. She has many experienced with online shopping and trending fashion so on. BRHQ is the only platform to help others buy something online, and I hope you will get some authentic resources.

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