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how long does romwe take to ship


Romwe is a fast-growing e-commerce company that offers a wide range of apparel for men and women, trendy accessories, buzzworthy gadgets, and the latest home decor. The company has seen exponential growth in revenue and the number of customers in the past year. Romwe was founded in 2010 in China, but it has multiple warehouses worldwide.

Romwe Promise

We are committed to ensuring that our production process is done humanely and ethically. We do not tolerate anything less.

Our suppliers are bound by a strict agreement that stipulates they follow the highest ethical production guidelines. We ensure that to be the case. We take action as soon as any form of compromise is discovered and correct anything against those standards.

The goal of ROMWE is to provide our customers with ethically sourced, versatile, fun, and well-priced items.

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When you shop at Romwe, your product will take around 10-28 working business days to get to you. This answers the question of how long does Romwe takes to ship. In the case where one uses an express shipping method, the product will get to you within 2-4 business days. If you are a customer and make your order, the product will arrive in 3-7 business days. Before any shipment is conducted, the company takes time to process what you order. Note that the shipment time does not include days for processing, holidays, and weekends.

Is Romwe Legit Brand? 

Romwe is among the most legitimate clothing and website stores you would ever come across. They consist of fast-fashion and web-based retailers whose role is to guide in delivery of services throughout the world. There are different cute clothes on this website, and their overall prices are low. Thus, you can purchase from Romwe with an assurance that the overall process is real. I have personally made a variety of orders from Romwe. I loved the whole process and received my products within the estimated time.  

If you don’t want to take any risk of your order, you can check out Romwe’s Page on You can order from Amazon. 

Romwe Where does it Ship From?

Romwe operates five warehouses in California, New Jersey, China, Dubai, and Belgium. Products will be shipped from one of these warehouses based on availability and proximity to the shipping address.

Advantage of Romwe  

  • Clothes Quality and Size

Romwe is a company that has its basis in Chinese. This implies that as you select the products, do not only emphasize checking on large, medium, and small. It is best to pay attention to the overall product’s measurements. Always put this into consideration to avoid ordering the wrong product.

  • They have a policy that supports the return of Goods.

Suppose you order a good and do not like it or don’t match your expectations. Romwe allows returning the product. Thus, you will get to exchange and acquire the product that best suits your needs.  

  • Has Many Reviews

Many people have ordered from Romwe in the past, and they’ve said that it provides them with unique and good quality services. As a result, Romwe is a company you can trust.

Disadvantage of Romwe

  • Payment of Extra Money for Returned Products

If you buy the wrong clothes and decide to return them, you will have to pay extra shipping costs. Thus, you will end up paying more money than what you had estimated.

What Customer Say About Romwe – Overall Rating

The company has a consumer rating of 3.08 stars from 2,101 reviews in Sitejabber. It has 2.5 out of 5 stars from 2,810 customer reviews in Trustpilot, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with ROMWE’s selection and customer service. However, some customers have complained about the quality of the products and shipping times. This implies that many customers who have used Romwe services are happy with the services delivered. The customers who are satisfied with Romwe mentioned online shipping, free shipping, and good quality because they rely on this site. Among the different clothing discount sites present online, you will find that Romwe ranks 6th. Some of the listed customer reviews entail:

  •  Trustworthy merchant, excellent customer support, and excellent PS services.
  • Much better compared to the average online period of delivery.
  • I ordered earrings twice, and they came in the estimated time. 
  • I love the fact that you are affordable.
  • You answered my inquiries quickly, and I will be back for more goods.

It is not done yet; they have huge social media followers. You can check below: 

  • Facebook – 6,016,110 Followers
  • 2.4M Instagram Followers 
  • Twitter – 39.9K Followers 
  • 752.1K Followers in Pinterest and 10M+ monthly views
  • 983.2KFollowers and 7.1MLikes on Tiktok

Comparison Table: How Long Does Romwe Take to Ship 2022

CountryShipping MethodShipping Time Estimate Costs
United States (US)Economic Shipping

Standard Shipping

Express Shipping
15-20 Days

9-14 Days

3-7 Days
Free - orders over $19.00

Free - orders over $39.00

Free - orders over $159.00
United Kingdom (UK)Economic Shipping

Standard Shipping
14-20 Days

8-14 Days
Free - orders over GBP£9.90

Free - orders over GBP£19.00
Canada (CA)Standard Shipping

Express Shipping
14-18 Days

10-12 Days
CA$6.99-spend below CA$25.00
CA$4.99-spend over CA$25.00 but below CA$49.00
Free - orders over CA$49.00

Free - orders over CA$129.00
Australia (AU)Standard Shipping15-20 DaysAU$6.99
Free - orders over AU$69.00
New Zealand (NZ)Economic Shipping

Standard Shipping
21-25 Days

15-20 Days
Free - orders over AU$129.59

Free - orders over AU$185.52
Germany (DE)Standard Shipping12-18 Days€7.99—Cost under €30.00
$5.99—Costs over $30.00 but under $59.00
Free over €59.00
IrelandStandard Shipping12-18 Days€6.99
Free over €79.00

How Long Does Romwe Take to Ship to the USA?

Romwe products will get within 10-28 working days in the USA. These days refer to the standard type of shipping. In the case of the express shipping method, the product will get within 3-7 business days. The processing period is not included in the days mentioned above. Romwe works hard to ensure you will receive your goods within the shortest time possible. In the case of cost, standard shipping cost varies with the number of goods but ranges from $4.99 and $39.00. The major shipment methods entail economic shipping and express shipping.

How Long Does Romwe Take to Ship to the UK?

If you are a customer from the UK, Romwe will deliver your product within 7-10 days. Remember, these days refer to the business days. Besides, these days are counted from the day that shipment is made. Romwe packages are done by naqel, fetchr, and Aramex in the UK. Economic shipping costs around GBP 9.90 while the standard shipping time costs around GBP 19.00. 

How Long Does Romwe Take to Ship to Canada?

Note that Romwe does not make the shipment to Canada. However, a process has been designed to ensure your goods get to Canada without any problems. The procedure involves the use of a package forwarder. This is a warehouse found in the United States. It will agree to your Romwe order and thus get to set your products to Canada. When the package is stored for 10 days, the service is free. In the extra days, you will see each pound daily. In less than 48 hours, your goods will arrive in Canada.

How Long Does Romwe Take to Ship to Australia?

In the case of Australia, use the standard shipment method, This method costs around AU$6.99 and AU$69.00. Within 3-7 business days, you will receive a text confirmation that the product has arrived in the country. 

How Long Does Romwe Take to Ship to New Zealand?

For the customers in New Zealand, there are two kinds of delivery. They include:

  • Standard shipping
  • Economic shipping

In the case of shipping done at an economic, the process is free on orders that cost more than AU$131.75. The order that costs less than this amount has a chargeable fee of AU$17.05. In the case of delivery, you will receive your product within 5-15 business days.

How Long Does Romwe Take to Ship to Germany?

In Germany, note that Romwe delivers products through a direct shipment method. Depending on the number of products being delivered, the cost varies from $3.99 to $19.00. In general, you will receive your product within 30 days.

How Long Does Romwe Take to Ship to Ireland?

In Ireland, you will receive your ordered goods at your door. The shipment method used in Ireland is ColisExpat. With 7-14 business days, you will receive your product. Cost ranges from $4 to $30 depending on the number of goods you have ordered.

Romwe Product Reviews and Quality

As you work with Romwe, you can be sure of excellent quality goods. This website has an average of 3.09 stars compiled from 2,099 reviews. This implies that most people who have ordered from Romwe are satisfied with the general services and the goods they acquired.

Romwe Return and Refund Policies

Romwe allows customers to return goods within 60 days from the purchase date. The only accepted products are the ones that are unwashed and unworn. When you receive your products and find any form of defects, you should report within 24 hours to Romwe customer service. 

Romwe has the best customer care services. When you contact them at any time, there will be a person who will answer you. Thus, this is the best website you may rely on at any time. Feel free to either call, send a message, or email.


Romwe Payment Method and Tracking

The acceptable Romwe payment methods consist of a Debit card and credit card. Other methods include PayPal, pay with Klarna and Pay with Afterpay.

Q: How can I change the shipping address after placing my order?

A: You can change the shipping address from your end. This can only be done before shipment.

Q: How can one cancel the COD order?

A: A person can cancel any order, particularly 10 minutes up to 6 hours after confirmation is done.

Q: Where should one insert the Promo code?

 A: Before you make payments on any order, ensure you click “+”

Q: Why did you send a refund message yet I want the item?

A: This case happens if your item was preordered and thus out of stock.

Q: I did not receive an email after I ordered a good.

A: Preparation of orders takes around 3-7 working days. When we prepare your item, we will send the message.

Final Verdict of 

Having gone through this review, you can indeed prove that Romwe is one of the best online companies you may ever rely on. As a result, it is high time you may order and acquire high-quality goods from with less hassle. Romwe is dedicated to offering you the best services at all times. 

Happy Shopping!

Morzan Hossain
Morzan Hossain
She is a full-time computer science student and chef writer of, but she is more addicted to fashion and shopping from all over the world. She has many experienced with online shopping and trending fashion so on. BRHQ is the only platform to help others buy something online, and I hope you will get some authentic resources.
Morzan Hossain
Morzan Hossain
She is a full-time computer science student and chef writer of, but she is more addicted to fashion and shopping from all over the world. She has many experienced with online shopping and trending fashion so on. BRHQ is the only platform to help others buy something online, and I hope you will get some authentic resources.

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