YesStyle vs Shein: Comparing Online Fashion Powerhouses

YesStyle Vs Shein

With the advancement of time, fast fashion is gaining popularity, especially among young people because it appears to be the most cost-effective alternative for trendy apparel. Two of those online fashion brands are YesStyle and Shein. To know more about them, continue reading our article as they are one of the best sources for top clothing items.

What is Shein?

Because of the very low pricing, Shein is a favorite shopping destination for young people. They regularly offer discounts, which attracts customers to keep scrolling and purchasing in bulky amounts.

After looking through their website, it is hard to say who this company is except that it offers good-quality women’s and men’s fashions. There is no word on who owns this fashion outlet, who started it, and no mention of who runs this company.

While it seems to operate under a good business ethic, this lack of transparency is problematic. Their contact page is limited to their operations and customer service only. One of the red flags is their name change. Once known as She Inside, the company changed to Shein for some mysterious reason.

Shein: Pros & Cons

  • good quality clothes for the money
  • provides discounts, coupons, and sales
  • user-friendly website
  • slow delivery time
  • clothing is not always top quality
  • some items do not show up


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What is YesStyle?

Yesstyle is an international fashion and cosmetics shop established in Hong Kong, known to be a subsidiary of YesAsia. It’s a low-key fast fashion business that sells Asian clothes and cosmetics items at very low costs.

It has received a lot of good responses from customers and influencers. YesStyle sells a wide range of beauty goods, including sunscreen, cosmetics, and body care items such as moisturizers, bath gels, and body scrubs.

One big difference between YesStyle and Shein is that the former company sells clothes for both men and women. This gives YesStyle an edge in the competition as they provide top-quality fashion for both genders.

YesStyle: Pros & Cons

  • sells excellent clothes for both men and women
  • has sales, promos, discounts & coupons
  • good shipping terms
  • affordable prices
  • some items cannot be returned
  • no tracking number for standard shipping
  • some inaccuracies in product details.

YesStyle Vs. Shein Popularity & Customer Reviews

Because both brands are fast fashion, usually costumers know that quantity takes over quality. So, do not set unrealistic expectations because YesStyle and Shein’s major purpose is to provide you with affordable and exquisite fashion and cosmetic needs.

It seems that despite the many orders that never arrive and the lack of quality in their clothing, Shein is more popular than YesStyle. It may be that the reason for this trend is that Shein is seen more on Tik Tok and advertised by its customers than YesStyle is.

Another reason may be that Shein may offer lower prices and quick delivery service. However, the online reviews seem to paint a different story as Shein has a lot of low-rated reviews complaining about the quality of the product. YesStyle exceeds Shein, with 4.3/5 ratings on Trustpilot vs 3.7/5 stars for Shein. However, you should bear in mind that, in addition to apparel quality, other aspects that influence this total grade include delivery, cost, and size.

Shein has an average rating of 2.86 stars based on 3,679 reviews on Sitejabber. Most of these customers complain about the customer service, the handling of their orders, and the tracking of shipments. SHEIN ranks 47th among the Women’s Clothing sites.

YesStyle’s user rating is 3.04 out of 5 based on 512 user ratings on Sitejabber. In general, customers are somewhat satisfied with their purchases. Those who praise YesStyle often comment on hair care and beauty products, free shipping, and competitive prices. Others evaluate this site favorably and assign it the 16th rank among Department Store websites.

If you want to check similar online brands like Shein and YesStyle:

Is Shein Legit?

Yes, Shein is a legit online brand with many positive and negative reviews all over the internet. Shein is a clothing company that specializes in high-quality, cheap clothes. Many people have doubted whether or not Shein is ethical because they are so cheap. However, according to their website, “Our mission is to offer high-quality goods at affordable price points.” They also tell you when they offer deals and promotions that decrease prices. They have over 22.8 million followers on Instagram, 24 million followers on Facebook, and 3.4 million on TikTok. Most of their visitors are from the US, France, Uk, Australia, Brazil, Germany, and others.

Is Yesstyle Legit?

Undoubtedly Yes, Yesstyle is a legit website. A lot of people are wondering if online shopping is safe. Despite the fraudulent websites, YesStyle is one of the trusted sites that has been around for a while and has never had any incidents with hacked or stolen customer accounts. But compared to Shein, YesStyle has low followers and popularity on social media networks. Yesstyle has 1.3 million followers on Instagram, 1.7 million followers on Facebook, 4.7 out of 5 based on 4,342 user ratings on Facebook, and 126.4k followers on TikTok. The top listed visitors are from the US, UK, France, Canada, Australia, etc.

You may find the following comparison to help you through finding the best option.

Company locationHong Kong
Possibly China
Fashion stylesclothing for men, women, and childrenclothing for men, women, and children
Easy to navigate websiteYesSomewhat yes
Shipping times (US)Standard -7 to 14 days
Express 3 to 5 days
Standard- 12 to 14 days
Express- 8 to 12 days
Warehouse locationHong KongProbably China
Return PolicyVery detailed, 14 days on some items, and no returns on other

Refunds are store credit.
Not very detailed, up to 45 days on most items, some items not returnable Some cash refunds are available
Tracking availableYes, on most items, it depends on the shipping methodYes, but a complicated process
ContactA contact page with a ready fill out the formA contact page, but you need to sign in to use it. Live chat is available, as is a social media account.
Mobile AppYesYes

Final words

Both companies are well established and have representation in various countries worldwide. In the end, you may just have to go with the online outlet that serves you best and provides you with the cheap clothing you thought of buying.

In spite of having higher popularity, the lack of transparency on Shein’s part is a big red flag, and one has to wonder what they have to hide. YesStyle is more open about who they are, making shopping more accessible and more trusting.

YesStyle is mostly focused on the Asian market, yet it is steadily growing its global presence. It also has faster shipping than Shein, although Shein has somewhat lower shipping costs.

In the end, both are good fashion outlets for good-quality products, and your choice of company will depend on your preferences. 

Morzan Hossain
Morzan Hossain
She is a full-time computer science student and chef writer of, but she is more addicted to fashion and shopping from all over the world. She has many experienced with online shopping and trending fashion so on. BRHQ is the only platform to help others buy something online, and I hope you will get some authentic resources.
Morzan Hossain
Morzan Hossain
She is a full-time computer science student and chef writer of, but she is more addicted to fashion and shopping from all over the world. She has many experienced with online shopping and trending fashion so on. BRHQ is the only platform to help others buy something online, and I hope you will get some authentic resources.

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